Claremont senior healthcare centers among first to get vaccine

by Steven Felschundneff |

Residents and staff of several Claremont senior residential facilities will be among the first to receive the coronavirus vaccine once it gets final approval in the next few weeks.


Claremont Place sent out a news release on Tuesday stating that they will be in the first tier to get vaccinated once the emergency authorization from U.S regulators is announced. Nationwide, health workers and nursing home residents will be given priority for the rationed two-shot vaccine.


Community Relations Director Tricia Elliker said that Claremont Place has an agreement with CVS and Walgreens for distribution of the vaccine, which could come as early as next week, however, the exact date is not known.


“As part of the U.S. Government’s Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program, residents and staff members at our community will have first access to the vaccine over the upcoming weeks in the initial phase of distribution. Access to the vaccine will add one more preventative measure to our commitment to the safety and well-being of [our] residents and employees,” Ms. Elliker said in a statement.


“I am so happy for our residents,” she said, noting that the Los Angeles County Health Department’s order keeping assisted living facilities locked down has been necessary to keep people healthy, but has taken its toll on residents’ mental health.


The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that 636 locations will receive vaccine shipments in the initial wave of Pfizer’s supply effort once the two-dose regimen developed by the pharmaceutical giant and German firm BioNTech gains regulatory clearance, federal officials said. An equal amount would be held back for a second dose which would be administered 21 days later.


Mount San Antonio Gardens Vice President of Marketing and Community Outreach Mary Jean Neault told the COURIER the health services wing at the Gardens was also in the first tier.


Vice President of Health Care Services Lisa Atilano said they are currently waiting for the emergency authorization from the federal government which is expected in the next week or possibly the week following.


She said everyone at Mount San Antonio Gardens is very excited at the prospect of receiving the vaccine—as well as a bit anxious.


“It’s a waiting game,” Ms Neault said. “Everyone is on pins and needles.”





With the high rate of community transmission of the coronavirus in Los Angeles County, including over 10,000 cases reported in a single day, more than 3,100 people currently hospitalized and the grim milestone of the 8,000 death in the county, the vaccine coming to Claremont is particularly welcome news.


Since December 1 public health officials have reported an astonishing xxx new cases in Claremont, so although the inoculation may not be available to the general public for months, it is certainly a relief that the most vulnerable in out community will have access to the vaccine within the coming weeks.




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