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Home burglaries are on the rise in Claremont

In the month of November, CPD responded to 22 residential burglaries in the City, whereas in previous months in 2020, we averaged 4 per month. These burglaries are occurring throughout the City and mostly occurring between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. The burglaries have occurred in the following areas:
• (9) Area of Mills and Miramar
• (11) Area between IS10 and Arrow Hwy. 
• (1) Area of Towne and Foothill Blvd. 
• (1) Area of Mountain and Baseline Rd.

This increase is alarming. Here are some tips to assist in reducing these crimes:
– Get to know you neighbors and be aware of who should be on their property
– Turn on the lights and radio or TV so it looks like someone is home.
– Lock all doors and windows when you leave, including second floor windows and doors 
– Set home alarms and use visible alarm signs
– Use “Beware of Dog” signs, or Neighborhood Watch decals
– Report any suspicious activity to Claremont PD


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