New podcast tells harrowing stories of hate violence in L.A.

There’s a new podcast, Blood on Gold Mountain, which tells the little-known story of The 1871 L.A. Chinatown Massacre, one of the largest race lynchings ever on the West Coast.

In the midst of the thousands of hate-based incidents of violence and racism towards Asian-Americans this year, Blood On Gold Mountain is part of a long effort to create a shared history and mythology that accurately and stylishly represents the Chinese-American community.  

In this original storytelling podcast, history is brought to life through the eyes of a beautiful young Chinese immigrant, Yut-Ho, who arrives in L.A. as a refugee, only to become embroiled in a love intrigue, a gang war, and ultimately, the LA Chinatown Massacre. You can listen to the trailer here:

My team has been telling this story for the past three years as a series of live multimedia events leading up the 150th anniversary of the Massacre. We are supported by a group of deeply committed institutions including: The LA Chinese American Museum, The Holmes Performing Arts Fund of The Claremont Colleges, The Pacific Basin Institute of Pomona College, The Public Events Office at Scripps College, The Scripps College Music Department, and The Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department at The New England Conservatory.

The LA Chinatown massacre podcast series – “Blood On Gold Mountain”Events

This multi-episode podcast series about the 1871 LA Chinatown massacre commemorates the worst mass race lynching on the West Coast, when at least 20 Chinese immigrants were lynched in one night in October by a crowd of about 500 Angelenos. See more at


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