City now accepting requests for new street trees

The city of trees and PhDs is looking for suitable locations throughout Claremont to restore its urban forest.

The Community Services Department will complete its 2021 reforestation program in mid-March to identify suitable spots for planting new street trees. People who live at sites where a street tree has been removed in the past year will receive a letter offering a replacement tree, but other residents may request a new tree as well.

After receiving the request Community Services Department staff will evaluate the proposed site to be sure it has adequate grow space, does not interference with utility lines, has sufficient site distance and traffic clearance, as well as an adequate and consistent water source.

The funding sources are grants from the Los Angeles Regional Parks and the Open Space District. The 15-gallons size trees will be planted between March and April 2021 to take advantage of cool weather and winter precipitation.

Residents have until Thursday, March 18 to request a new street tree and will be notified by mail if their property has a viable planting site. Please contact Cari Dillman at (909) 399-5431 or


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