Construction at Wilderness Park halted by LA County

Construction on the pay parking lot at the Wilderness Park is on hold, awaiting review and approval of the plans from the LA County Flood Control District (LACFCD).

Early last week, the city of Claremont was contacted by a representative from the LACFCD regarding the construction of the new parking lot for the Wilderness Park, claiming it was unaware of the construction project, according the city manager’s report.

According to the report, LACFCD requested that the city stop construction until plans can be reviewed by its representatives. City staff was aware that the LACFCD had an easement on the property, however, they were not aware that the LACFCD had authority over construction taking place, as the city had previously gained permission from the landowner, Pomona Valley Protective Agency, to move forward with construction, the report states.

The city’s contractor was directed to stop construction until staff met with LACFCD representatives, at which time they explained that they “must review and approve all plans for construction projects inside its easement boundaries and issue a construction permit.” LACFCD requested that the city submit a formal application to start the review process, which typically takes about a month. 

As a result of its review, the LACFCD may impose conditions on the design and scope of the construction of the parking lot. The LACFCD will also require that the city enter into an agreement that, among other things, will indemnify the LACFCD from claims and damages that may result from the parking lot being within their easement area, the city manager explains in his report.

Construction cannot resume until the city receives a construction permit from the LACFCD and the agreement between both parties is executed. The north parking lot will remain open until construction resumes.


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