Claremont homes targeted during burglary spree

It was quite an active week for house burglaries in Claremont. Several of those reported ended in close calls, but many of them did not. While burglaries and attempted burglaries spanned the city—above Foothill and below Arrow, according to police reports—no arrests had been made in any of the incidents.

Two homes in north Claremont were targeted Thursday, October 4. Between 1:45 and 3:45 p.m. a burglar kicked in the rear door of a home in the 900 block of Miramar Avenue and ransacked the house, according to Lieutenant Shelly Vander Veen. The resident is still determining the property loss, but it is known that miscellaneous jewelry was stolen.

At 9 p.m., also on October 4, a man attempted to break into a home in the 500 block of Rockford Drive. He punched through a glass windowpane on the front door and, after unsuccessful attempts to push the door open with his shoulder, he reached through the broken windowpane and attempted to unlock the deadbolt. A resident inside the property saw the commotion and screamed, according to Lt. Vander Veen. The man fled to a waiting vehicle, described as a black, 4-door Chevy Impala with large chrome rims. The suspect is described as a black male in his 20s, about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing about 140 pounds. The driver is also described as a black male in his 20s.

A south Claremont home in the 200 block of East Cucamonga Way was hit sometime between Thursday, September 27 and Thursday, October 4. The resident, who was in the process of moving out, returned home to find the front door had been forced open and the house ransacked. The property loss is unknown at this time.

A resident home alone stopped a potential burglary to her home in the 600 block of Geneva Avenue on Monday, October 8 around 12:30 p.m. A man the resident did not know rang the doorbell, but she didn’t answer. When the man then attempted to force open the door with his shoulder, the girl screamed and the suspect fled. He is described as 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing about 180 pounds and wearing a black hoodie. That same day, residents of a home in the 3000 block of Mills Avenue, near the Pomona border, took a $900 loss when their home was ransacked. Approximately $500 in paper currency was stolen and about $400 taken in coins.

Any information on these burglaries or other incidents should be reported to the Claremont Police Department at 399-5411.


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