Council takes first steps in water company purchase

The Claremont City Council has directed staff to make an offer to Golden State Water Company for the purchase of its water system.

City Attorney Sonia Carvalho made the announcement Tuesday night after more than 2 hours of closed session deliberation. Councilmember Sam Pedroza made the motion with a second by councilmember Joe Lyons and unanimous approval by the council.

“The city’s negotiator has been directed to make an offer not less than the fair market value as determined by the appraisal determined by the city council,” said Sonia Carvalho.

Ms. Carvalho declined to state exactly how much the city will offer the water company as an official proposal has not yet been drafted, but assured that the official offer will be made available to the public and mailed out to residents.

“We still need to develop the formal offer,” Ms. Carvalho said, adding that the acquisition lawyers need to comply with certain, specific government codes in compiling the offer.

The COURIER requested a copy of the Water Acquisition Feasibility Study reviewed at last night’s closed meeting, and will post an update as soon as the information becomes available.

Tuesday’s announcement brings to realization phase one of Claremont’s potential purchase of the water system. The journey began last January when the city council designated $250,000 of general reserve funds to explore the possibility of purchasing the city’s water system. In June the council directed a consulting team to conduct a feasibility study determining the financial impacts the acquisition would have on the city.

Check our website for continuing updates on Tuesday’s announcement and the offer to Golden State.

—Beth Hartnett


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