Warehouse to pack sports fans into volleyball facility

Tenants of a Monte Vista packing warehouse are making space for Claremont’s newest sports facility.

Planning commissioners Tuesday gave unanimous approval for a portion of the 3-acre north Claremont warehouse to be transformed into a privately-operated club volleyball facility, used for both training and tournament purposes.  Commissioners welcomed the dual opportunity to fill a city vacancy while encouraging visitors for volleyball practices and tournaments to take advantage of Claremont restaurants and shops.

“The idea is to hopefully bring more people into the community,” said Jeff Hammill, chair of the Claremont Planning Commission. “The commission felt very good about the project.”

Mr. Hammill noted the difficulty usually in trying to find occupants to fill such a large warehouse space. It is a unique opportunity to find a tenant that will fill such large quarters who is compatible with the area, he noted. He also pointed out that the indoor facility was determined to fit within the city’s business/industrial park zone, where the warehouse resides.

A majority of the warehouse was left unused recently as the building’s current occupant, CMB Packing Company, decided to reduce its floor area. The Pacific Junior Volleyball Club will take over the free portion of the building with 5 volleyball courts, a training room and office, exercise and recreational areas. The facility will be open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with practices scheduled during the evenings until 9 p.m. Various weekend tournaments will be held from January through July.

With the planning commission’s approval, the sports facility only awaits the required building permits before moving in.

“The applicant…anticipates opening their doors in the first part of November,” wrote City Manager Tony Ramos in his latest city update.

The warehouse is located at 1599 Monte Vista Avenue. For more information on the Pacific Junior Volleyball Club, visit www.pacificjuniors.com.

—Beth Hartnett



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