Slurry seal project to begins Monday in Claremont

A slurry seal project on residential streets in the northern section of the city will begin on Monday, October 29. The contractor will replace damaged curbs, gutters and asphalt, fill larger cracks with a hot rubberized material and apply an asphalt coating to the pavement surface. 

Slurry seal fills the hairline cracks in the pavement and prevents the intrusion of water into the sub base.  Slurry seal also rejuvenates the oils in the pavement and keeps the membrane pliable and thermoplastic in nature, preventing it from becoming brittle and susceptible to cracking.  Slurry sealing the street prolongs the life of the street by approximately 7 years. 

This project includes all public residential streets located between Foothill Boulevard and Base Line Road, from Towne to Mills Avenues. In addition, Garey Avenue, from the south city limit to College Way, will be resurfaced, as will the streets within the Claraboya neighborhood, north of the Thompson Creek Trail (except for Mountain Avenue).

The tentative schedule is as follows:

October 29: Start curb and gutter repairs

November 5: Start asphalt repairs

November 7: Start crack seal

November 27: Slurry seal

The project will cost $1 million, and will be funded through State Gas Tax and Measure R funds.  

Property owners along the construction route will be receiving a notification with details on the project. 

Vehicle access to residential properties will be restricted for up to one day for the actual slurry work.  Questions regarding the project should be directed to the city’s Engineering Division at 399-5465.


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