Women tries $20 bill switch-a-rooney 3 times, still at large

The belief that the third time’s the charm did not exactly ring true for a woman scamming businesses in a complex off Foothill and Claremont Boulevards Monday afternoon. The female entered Blue Fin Sushi & Teriyaki and purchased a drink with a $20. After purchasing the beverage, she decided she no longer wanted the drink and requested her money back. The cashier gave her the $20 back, which she placed in her bra, and when the cashier wasn’t looking she took out a $1 and claimed she was given the wrong change, according to Lt. Vander Veen. The cashier replaced the dollar bill with another $20. The woman tried the same scam at Fruizen Desserts next door and after being successful a second time decided to try her luck once more at the AM/PM across the way. The scam didn’t work and the woman fled the convenience store on foot before she could be caught. She is described as black with long black wavy hair, 30-40 years old, about 5 feet, weighing 220 pounds and wearing a rainbow colored top. Police are investigating AM/PM’s surveillance footage.

Check out our complete police blotter Saturday.


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