Busy life of a small town

Here’s the recap: we were a hopping little town this year. We protested and grieved, held marches and celebrated, and donated our time and money.

Claremont has no shortage of news and events, passersby may see Claremont and think we’re a sleepy little college town but, as any resident can attest, we’re an industrious bunch.

The Claremont COURIER received 335 letters to the editor via email this year, with an additional dozen or so sent by regular mail or fax. Our top 5 letter-writers includes Ellen Taylor who, on behalf of the League of Women Voters, submitted 14 letters for publication. Gar Byrum and Doug Lyon take second and third with 12 each, followed by Bob Gerecke with 11 submissions. Dave Nemer takes the fifth spot with 8 reader’s comments in 2012.

The COURIER writing staff (all 2-and-half of them) produced nothing short of 971 news and feature stories in 2012, not including the hundreds, even thousands, of Our Towns. For such a small writing staff, they certainly showed their stuff this year.

We welcomed Jessica Gustin, Sarah Torribio and Chris Oakley to the staff this year, as we wished our friend and longtime education reporter Landus Rigsby well as he dealt with health issues and forged a new career path. We also shared a teary goodbye to longtime obituary and feature writer Brenda Bolinger as she moved to a postition with Pitzer College. Beth Hartnett wrapped up her first full year as Claremont’s city reporter and we couldn’t be happier with her consistent effort and flair for writing.

Our amazing writing staff, coupled with the expertise and artistry of photographer Steven Felschundeff, certainly gives us an edge over the competition. I’m so grateful for them.

I look forward to 2013 with my usual optimism, knowing that Claremont will continue to thrive, just as it has since I moved here 35 years ago.

Cheers to you all and may you have a healthy and prosperous new year. Once again, we offer you this, our year in review. We hope you enjoy it.

—Kathryn Dunn



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