Scammers try to get cash using electric bills

Southern California Edison (SCE) is asking Claremont residents to be on alert after recent reports of a telephone scam. 

The scammer is pressing callers for payment of late electricity bills, according to Edison employees. If the customer doesn’t pay immediately through a prepaid cash card, the scammer is threatening to disconnect their electric service.

Edison reminds customers to always request worker identification from a stranger claiming to be an Edison employee either on the phone or in person. If requested, Edison employees will provide verification, including department and phone number. In general, scheduled appointments with Edison employees will be confirmed in writing. 

“Customers suspecting a fraudulent call should ask for the caller’s name, department and business phone number,” said Henry Martinez, SCE vice president of Safety, Security & Compliance. “If the caller refuses to provide this information, customers should terminate the call and report the incident immediately to local police or SCE at 800-655-4555.”

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