Pomona College changes tune on weekend concert series access

Locals worried about accessing Little Bridges this weekend for the opening of Pomona College’s fall concert series can put their mind at ease. Pomona College has announced that Fourth Street will be reopened to vehicular traffic, according to an E-mail sent Thursday.

The narrow roadway was closed off last month in an effort to make the campus more pedestrian friendly, the COURIER reported in Wednesday’s issue. The change raised questions from residents who worried that the closure would make Little Bridge’s difficult to reach.

“I love Pomona College, and I agree with the beautification of the campus, but I don’t think closing off Fourth Street is the smartest way to accomplish this,” said Georgia McManigal, Pomona College alumna and supporter of the music department. “It’s going to make it difficult to drop people in and out of that area, and presents challenges for those unable to walk long distances.”

In addition to vehicle access on Fourth Street, a drop-off zone will be created in front of Bridges Auditorium to give residents easier access. However, parking will still be prohibited.

Parking can be found on Bonita and College Avenues, or at the new south campus parking structure located at First Street and Columbia Avenue. Additional parking can also be found at the Sumner Hall lot located off College Way east of Bridges Hall of Music.

For more information, visit www.pomona.edu/academics/departments/music/calendar/calendar.aspx.

—Beth Hartnett


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