Local police on alert as search continues for former LAPD officer

Southern California law enforcement remains on high alert this afternoon as the search for a former LAPD officer accused of killing 3 and wounding several others continues.

Police began the search for Christopher Dorner, fired from the Los Angeles Police Department in 2008, after linking him to the murder of a former police captain’s daughter and her fiancé over the weekend. Mr. Dorner opened fire on officers in surprise attacks early Thursday, leaving one dead and another in critical injured. Evidence has linked Mr. Dorner’s presence throughout southern California over the past couple days, from San Diego County Wednesday night to San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles counties on Thursday, but police have yet to track him down.

Local police units, including officers from the Pomona Police Department, have now responded to local Big Bear Mountain, where a truck matching the description of Mr. Dorner’s vehicle was found burned and abandoned this afternoon. Though the Claremont Police Department has not been called for additional help at this time, officers remain on heightened alert, according to Watch Commander Sergeant Robert Rauchfuss.

“Officers are working their normal patrol, but are obviously a little more hyper vigilant. We are keeping our eyes peeled,” Sgt. Rauchfuss said. “All officers have the bulletin with his picture and information on it in case we do run across him.”

Information may be reported to local police at 399-5411.


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