Police pooch playfully begins new assignment in Claremont

The new part-time detective position is not the only boost to the Claremont Police Department’s ranks. Police also have a brand new, 4-legged staff member.

Dodger the drug dog, a one-year-old British Lab, made his council debut on Tuesday night, much to the delight of onlookers, accompanied by Claremont Officer Sean Evans. Dodger was equally excited, jumping up to greet the councilmembers, taking a particular interest in Councilmember Sam Pedroza to a chorus of laughs.

“Didn’t you take something out of that suit?” Mayor Larry Schroeder joked.

Dodger has been hard at work visiting school sites with Ofc. Evans and working patrol duty, all with a positive attitude, according to the DARE officer.

“All he wants to do is work,” said Ofc. Evans, who says the young pup works eagerly for his paycheck, a green rubber ball.

Since early December, Dodger has been hard at work learning to identify narcotics based on odor. Once he identifies the scent of a narcotic, Dodger has been taught to passively alert the officer by burying his nose into the scent, according to Ofc. Evans. Just last week Ofc. Evans and Dodger, his trusty partner, were conducting a parole search at a nearby hotel. Dodger had buried his nose between the bed and the nightstand, but Ofc. Evans tried to pull the dog off, unable to see any problems. As it turns out, Dodger had found methamphetamine tucked in between the 2 pieces of furniture.

“I’m still learning, just like Dodger,” Ofc. Evans said.


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