Arrest in busy Vons parking lot

Local agencies are joining together to put burglary suspects behind bars. Around 1 p.m. on Sunday Claremont police were alerted of a vehicle driving down Mills Avenue associated with a burglary in La Verne. Police were able to identify the car through the city’s Automated License Plate Readers, which are placed on select intersections throughout the city and track license plates with those associated with outstanding crimes or wanted individuals throughout Los Angeles County. Police conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle without incident, other than the fact that the driver of the vehicle, 35-year-old Rachel Lamar of Claremont decided to pull into the center of the bustling Vons Shopping Center, according to Claremont Detective David DeMetz. Police drew their guns in case that Ms. Lamar tried to run, but Det. DeMetz said the arrest was made without any incident. Ms. Lamar was turned over to the La Verne Police Department for further investigation. Photo by Michelle Bivans


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