Planning commission approves Chase Bank drive-through

Despite public opposition, a Chase Bank with a drive-through will be built on the northwest corner of Foothill Boulevard and Mountain Avenue.

Claremont’s Planning Commission approved the conditional use permit and development plan Tuesday after a series of site plan redesigns made by Chase officials in the past several months. The bank will be the newest addition to the Sprouts Shopping Center, filling the vacant corner space that used to house a gas station until 2007.

While many residents present at the meeting voiced fears regarding safety, and concerns over building yet another bank on the Foothill Corridor, commissioners felt a new development, like Chase, is a viable option for the center.

“Having a bank there is going to create a lot less traffic than other businesses. When the gas station was there it felt like I was in a shooting gallery,” said Commissioner Martin McLeod. “As much as it pains me to ride over this issue, I don’t see a better alternative for this space. If anything, it’s going to be worse.”

Though the bank has been given approval, locals aren’t ready to give up the fight. Brothers Tony and Gudu Husson, co-owners of the 21Choices in the Sprouts Shopping Center, have said they will be preparing an appeal to city council.

“We aren’t against the bank. The core issue for us is crime and safety and we need the city to help with that,” Mr. Tony Husson said. “Knowing what happened to Bank of America, this project requires greater study and possibly a better sight plan so that it can be a better win-win situation for all.”

Full story will be published in a future edition of the COURIER. 


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