Resident cooks up trouble in Claremont home

The Claremont Police Department continues to investigate a lab experiment gone wrong in north Claremont Friday evening.

Claremont dispatchers received an emergency call around 6:30 p.m. A witness claimed to have heard an explosion and scream for help in the 1900 block of Judson Court. Officers arrived on scene to find a man suffering from burns to his body after a chemical experiment blew up in his face, according to Claremont Lieutenant Mike Ciszek. The man was allegedly in the process of turning marijuana into hash oil, Lt. Ciszek confirmed.

First responders from the Los Angeles County Fire Department were also on scene and treated the man for his burns before transporting him to Pomona Valley hospital for further treatment. Lt. Ciszek said the man is now receiving further medical attention at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. Follow-up investigation continues.


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