Claremont park receives ‘green’ accolades

Claremont parks and recreation staff and their years of work into the restoration of Sycamore Canyon Park are not going unnoticed.

The California Parks and Recreation Society District 13 recently acknowledged the city of Claremont with a Going Green Award for its endeavors with the restoration project. The prize honors excellence in planning and design when it comes to facilities and parks that promote recreation and protect environmental resources. 

The journey to rebuilding Sycamore Canyon has been years in the making, a daunting task after the 2003 Grand Prix Fire left much of the area ravaged and overrun with debris. Restoration of the park included removal of non-native vegetation and reforestation of native Oak and Sycamore seedlings. In addition, 2 hiking trails were added, providing a new recreation opportunity to hiking enthusiasts. With the reopening of Sycamore Canyon, the city now adds to the plethora of trails and pathways throughout the Claremont Hillsides. Others include the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park, Gail Mountain, Johnson’s Pasture and the Thompson Creek Trail. 

Sycamore Canyon Park is located along the foothills, to the back of Higginbotham Park, at 599 Mt. Carmel Drive. The park’s hours correspond with the Wilderness Park Hours, which can be found by scrolling down this blog page (posted on Wednesday, March 27). For more information, contact the Community and Human Services Department at 399-5433.


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