Starting Tuesday, pay to park at the Wilderness Park

Enforcement of paid parking at the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park begins today, April 15. To park in the lots along the Mills Avenue and Mt. Baldy Road trailheads, hikers will be charged $3 for every 4 hours of parking.

Parking permits are also available. Annual visitor permits are $75 until June 1, $50 from June 1 through October 1, and $25 from October 1 to January 1. Annual visitor permits last through December 31. Claremont residents will be granted up to 2 free parking passes, with proof of residency, to be used in the south lot only. All must pay for use of the north lot. Passes are available at Claremont City Hall, 207 Harvard Ave., or the Hughes Center, 1700 Danbury Road.

Anyone who violates parking guidelines will be charged $35 for the first offense, $70 for the second and $105 for the third.


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