Claremont property owners may protest proposed sanitation fee increase

Claremont property owners have until May 14 to formally object to a proposed 2 percent rate increase in city sanitation fees.

The city of Claremont sent a Notice of Public Hearing to all property owners and sanitation customers on March 27 to allow property owners an opportunity to protest. The public hearing will take place Tuesday, May 14 at the regular city council meeting.

According to a city news release, addresses were collected from a database provided by the LA County Assessor’s Office as well as the city’s existing sanitation customer database. Duplicate addresses were found and, according to the city, a small number of reports were received from households receiving 2 protest forms. Households that did receive 2 protest forms may return either one to have the vote counted.

Additionally, some reports of county residents inadvertently receiving the mailing due to their inclusion on the LA County Assessor’s Office database were received. The proposed 2 percent CPI increase is applicable only to households that receive sanitation service through the city of Claremont.

For more information regarding the proposed fee adjustments, please contact the Community and Human Services Department at 399-5431.


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