Prius raffle benefits students in Claremont schools

With over 150 people packing into Claremont Toyota on Sunday afternoon, the Claremont community witnessed how everyone wins with the Claremont Educational Foundation (CEF) Prius Raffle. 

For the third year in a row, Claremont Toyota donated a Toyota Prius raffled off by the CEF. The big winner of the day was Jared Anderson of Claremont when the sprightly Ella Hogan, all of 3 years old, pulled his winning ticket from the CEF drum.

Mr. Anderson bought his lucky ticket from Claremont High School Cheer. CHS Cheer, in addition to receiving a portion of their ticket sales, also received a $100 bonus for selling the winning ticket.  Mr. Anderson was both thrilled and shocked upon learning the good news.

“I can’t believe that such a little investment would have such a big dividend. I am thrilled to win the Prius, and I am so happy to support all the good work that CEF does. My kids are 2 and 3 years old and will definitely benefit from the programs funded by CEF when they start school here in Claremont in the next few years,” Mr. Anderson said.

Another winner in the Prius raffle was Condit School for selling over 200 tickets. Condit will earn a portion of the tickets sold plus a $500 bonus for selling the most tickets.  Chaparral School came in just behind Condit and will receive a $100 bonus plus a portion of tickets sold.

Kim Patterson, Condit PFA president and a supporter of CEF, said, “The raffle is a great fundraiser for CEF and, more importantly, helps our schools. Without CEF, we would not be able to fund all of the programs that mean so much to our kids.”

Jim Elsasser, Claremont Unified School District superintendent, echoed the importance of CEF.

“This is a big fundraiser for CEF, which keeps art and music alive in our elementary schools and technology education vibrant in the secondary schools,” Mr. Elssasser said.  “Because of the success of programs like this, the foundation has been able to provide even more funding to the schools.”  

The raffle event was enhanced by a performance of the “I Love Chorus” program—a children’s choral collaboration between CUSD and the Claremont Community School of Music—and food and refreshments provided by The Pita Pit and the DoubleTree Hotel, both Claremont businesses. 

Ken Corhan, CEF board president, pointed out that the event is possible because of the wide support of the whole community. 

“This support underscores how committed our community is to enriching the quality of our children’s education,” Mr. Corhan said. “Throughout the year, we have multiple opportunities for people and businesses to step up and participate. We are always gratified by the ongoing commitment of the entire community, and we need only look to Claremont Toyota as one example of the loyal and generous patrons we have partnered with, and we look forward to this continued partnership.”

For Steve Hogan, general manager of Claremont Toyota (and father to Ella), supporting the community and CEF is important to his family.

“With budget cuts, funding is a challenge for the district and since we have been such a blessed family, we want to pass the blessings on to the Claremont community,”  Mr. Hogan said.

The Prius raffle raised over $30,000 to support enhanced programs in Claremont schools.  Lauren Landa, a fourth-grader at Chaparral and attendee at the event, summed it up.

“Claremont is a small town with a big heart,” Lauren said. “The people here just care about us kids.”

 For more information about the Prius raffle event, contact CEF by email at or visit their website at

— Laura Muna-Landa




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