Council to debate merits of sanitation fee increase

On Tuesday, May 14, the Claremont City Council will review a proposal to implement a citywide sanitation increase to make up for budgetary shortfalls. The discussion takes place at 6:30 p.m. at the City Council Chamber, 225 W. Second St.

According to city policy, a minimum of 15 percent of the Sanitation Fund must be set aside for emergency or maintenance use. A recent review of fiscal year 2013-2014 finances revealed that needed vehicle replacements and other operational costs would put the Sanitation Fund below the required 15 percent minimum.

To make up for the shortage, city officials propose a 2 percent increase in sanitation fees. Claremont residents living in a single-family home with a 35-gallon refuse container would see their bill rise from $19.84 to $20.23 per month, according to city staff. Those with one 64 gallon, one 94-gallon or two 94-gallon containers will see monthly bill increase $0.60, $0.47 and $0.13, respectively.  

On April 15, the city’s parks, hillsides and utilities committee unanimously approved the rate hike with “potential inflationary adjustments in the next 4 years subject to evaluation and approval by the city council.” The community and human services commission added a second positive recommendation at its meeting on Wednesday night.

The council will have the final say. Claremont residents are invited to provide their input. For information regarding the proposed fee adjustments, contact the Community and Human Services Department at 399-5431.

—Beth Hartnett


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