Video detection to help monitor bicyclists at intersections

The city of Claremont has implemented several pedestrian and bicycle safety upgrades to signalized intersections along the Bike Priority Zone. Among these tools are the video detection systems at signalized intersections. With the video detection systems, cameras are strategically positioned to detect vehicles and bicycles without the provision of loops. The cameras detect bicyclists and allow for a longer time to cross the street. The cameras replace the road loops that were used previously and preserve the roadway surface. Thanks to this new technology, cyclists no longer need to push a button to be detected at signalized intersections, nor do they need to place their bicycles over the loops cut into the pavement.

In the last few years, several signalized intersections have been upgraded with this technology through the use of grant funds. They include Bonita Avenue at Mountain and Cambridge, Claremont Boulevard at First Street and Indian Hill at Eighth and Tenth Streets.

City ?staff has obtained additional grant funds to provide video detection systems for several intersections on Base Line Road and 2 intersections on Scripps Drive. The equipment is installed and the cameras were activated last week. The new signalized intersections include Base Line Road at Live Oak, Mountain Avenue, Indian Hill Boulevard, Mills Avenue and Monte Vista/Padua. Scripps Drive at both Towne Avenue and Mountain Avenue are also equipped with the new bike detection.


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