Keck Institute to hold job bootcamp designed for PhDs

In today’s job market, even those at the highest end of the degree spectrum can have trouble landing a job. To ease the transition from academia to industry, and to introduce PhD scientists to available career options, the Keck Graduate Institute of Claremont has developed a 2-week intensive program called the “Bridging the Gap” Bioscience Management Bootcamp.  Funded by the Burroughs Wellcome Foundation, the boot camp program is modeled after KGI’s successful one-year Postdoctoral Professional Masters (PPM) in Bioscience Management, in which recent PhDs spend a year at KGI learning management skills and interacting with companies through project work.

“Many PhDs are doing basic science, and many of them end up frustrated because their research never gets out into the world,” said Dr. Steve Casper, KGI’s associate dean for faculty development. “The reality is that getting a discovery from bench to market is extremely complicated and involves a number of players…many life science companies are looking to hire people, but they want to hire people with the right skill set.”

Bootcamp students will develop well-rounded skill sets with Bridging the Gap, which is taking place on KGI’s Claremont campus from July 8 through July 20. The boot camp program will include MBA-style case-based teaching, career-oriented professional development workshops and an intensive team project.


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