Speed limits to remain unchanged on some Claremont streets

While speed increases remain uncertain for a dozen Claremont streets, officials can now guarantee 3 of those in question will remain at reasonable speeds.

The California Department of Transportation recently approved the city’s application to reclassify Scripps Drive, Radcliffe Drive and Scottsbluff Drive (between Mills Avenue and Lassen Way) as local roadways. This designation will allow the city to keep speed limits on these designated roads at 25 miles per hour.

Claremont officials hit a speed bump last year when new state laws coupled with a speed radar survey indicated that speed limits needed to be raised on several designated roadways. While their hands were tied in most of the cases, officials believed Scripps, Radcliffe and Scottsbluff met the requirements for reclassification.

After a tedious application process, Caltrans has agreed. The 25 mph zones are expected to take effect within the next few weeks, according to administrators. In the meantime, the city is installing traffic mitigation measures on streets across town in hopes that lower speeds will remain in place across the board. A traffic study will be conducted in the next several months to determine if they were successful.

—Beth Hartnett



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