Harvey Mudd wraps up construction on Foothill Boulevard

Construction is now complete on a new 85,000- square-foot teaching and learning building on Foothill Boulevard, part of the Harvey Mudd College campus. The building, which will be called the Shanahan Center, accomplishes the college’s goal to have a stronger visual presence along Foothill Boulevard.

The modern building includes many energy efficient and earth-friendly features, including the use of BubbleDeck instead of a traditional concrete foundation. Harvey Mudd was the first in California and the second in the United States to incorporate the innovative design, which includes approximately 90,000 Ping Pong-like balls made from recycled plastic milk jugs. All 4 levels of the building are composed of BubbleDeck, making HMC’s structure the most complicated design in North America.

The college, which began construction in August 2011, will begin using the building this academic year.

Seniors and their families can get prepared for emergencies

Seniors and their families are invited to the Joslyn Senior Center this Tuesday, September 10 at 10 a.m. for a free interactive discussion on emergency preparedness. The presentation will include tips on how to pre-plan for earthquakes and other emergency situations. For more information, contact the Joslyn Center at 909-399-5488.


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