Local progressive groups to join in pipeline protest

The Pomona Valley Chapter of Progressive Christians Uniting, joined by the Claremont Democrats, the Claremont chapter of MoveOn.org and the Pomona Valley Interfaith Sustainability Council, will participate in a nation-wide protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline this Saturday, September 21. The local demonstrators will gather at the intersection of Indian Hill Boulevard and Foothill Boulevard from 4 to 5:30 p.m.

The Keystone XL pipeline is slated to move tar sands oil from Alberta to Port Arthur, Texas. Opponents say this is the dirtiest source of energy extracted so far, producing many times the carbon dioxide emissions of coal.

 The Claremont protest is a part of over 100 demonstrations across the nation organized under 350.org, the organization founded by Bill McKibben.  When James Hansen, the top NASA climate scientist was in Claremont as a part of the lecture series, Agenda for a Prophetic Faith, sponsored by several regional churches, he said that if all the oil from these tar sands is burned, “It’s game over for the planet.”


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