City moves forward with installation of audible signals

The city of Claremont is moving forward with the installation of new audible signals and bicycle video camera detection at the intersection of Bonita Avenue and Indian Hill Boulevard. For the past several months, the existing audible pedestrian signals at Bonita Avenue and Indian Hill Boulevard have been inoperable. Officials anticipate these improvements will help provide full accessibility features and bicycle detection capabilities at this location.

Efforts to repair the pedestrian signals have shown that, due to the age and continued malfunctioning of the existing equipment, the entire audible signal system is required to be replaced, according to city officials. The new system will provide audible features for all 4 corners at Bonita and Indian Hill.

In addition, video detection cameras will be installed to provide for bicycle detection capabilities at this intersection. This installation will complete bicycle camera video detection for the Citrus Regional Bikeway along Bonita Avenue, as these cameras have been previously installed at Bonita and Mountain Avenues, as well as at Bonita and Cambridge Avenues.


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