City postpones review of 60-foot sign for analysis

City officials have indefinitely delayed discussion of a proposed 60-foot retail sign to be erected on the corner of Base Line Road and Towne Avenue.

The review was originally set to take place at the Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, October 15. However, City Manager Tony Ramos has asked for the discussion to be postponed in order for city staff to conduct further analysis, according to Brian Desatnik, director of community development.

“It was really just a request for some additional research on the sign issue, the type of sign, the requirements of commercial users and various other things,” Mr. Desatnik said.

It is unknown when the review will take place.

The sign being proposed would support a potential small retail development at the southeast corner of Base Line and Towne. The development is located within the city’s mixed-use zoning district, which calls for “commercial uses to be located on the corner.” The zone does not, however, allow tall signs for those developments.

To support the potential retail center, staff believes a 60-foot sign would be necessary in order to be seen over the freeway grade and other site constraints such as tall power lines.

Community members are invited to comment on the decision. Comments may be sent to PO Box 880, Claremont, CA 91711. For more information, contact Associate Planner Luke Seibert at 399-5483.


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