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San Antonio Community Hospital (SACH) held its 23rd annual Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Reunion on Wednesday, October 30. This much anticipated event held each year for the “graduates” of the hospital’s NICU and their parents. Some families have been attending the event for years, never forgetting the care they received from the hospital staff during their young lives. This included Kristen Campbell, 22, who has been to the event every year since birth. “It’s just nice to see all the kids growing up. It’s just fun.”

Every year, the NICU staff enjoys seeing the fruits of their efforts as NICU graduates come back for the reunion. “It’s really a celebration of what we do,” says Cindy Albright, RNC, MHA, and SACH’s Nursing Director for NICU and Pediatrics. Cindy remembers an extremely sick, premature baby with multiple complications that the NICU took care of years ago. “By all measures, she shouldn’t be here,” states Cindy. “But she is alive and thriving.” That tiny baby is now a teenager and comes to the NICU reunion each year to see the staff that saved her life.


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