Claremont builds on legacy, adopts retrofit assistance program

Going green has just gotten easier in the City of Trees, thanks to the Claremont City Council’s unanimous decision to participate in the California Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) program.

Authorized by AB 811, created to encourage energy conservation throughout the state, the HERO program assists homeowners in paying for home energy retrofits. Loans are granted to eligible property owners and then paid over time through voluntary charges to their property tax bills, according to Senior Planner Chris Viers. To qualify, homeowners must be free and clear on their title, up to date on their mortgage payments and tax bills and have equity in the property.

To date, an estimated $110 million in loans has helped create more than 6,000 retrofits. An additional 12,800 applications, worth $425 million, have been approved for funding.

Claremont joins 25 cities throughout the San Gabriel Valley in participating in the HERO program, which is a valuable asset to the city’s thriving Community Home Energy Retrofit Program, according to CHERP co-founder Devon Hartman.

“Having a financing program…is another great tool in our toolbox to be able to have homeowners in our community take advantage of some of these opportunities,” Mr. Hartman said. “We’ve been struggling for years to get a financing program in our region and now is a good time for this to come forward for our residents.”

—Beth Hartnett


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