Accident during demolition of Millikan Laboratory

An excavator lays on its side after apparently breaking through the foundation of Millikan Laboratory during demolition on Thursday at Pomona College. A witness said that the massive machine tipped over while tearing down a section of the lab and appears to have fallen into the basement. Demolition began earlier this week on the planned renovation of the facility located at the northeast corner of College Avenue and Sixth Street in Claremont. 

It is anticipated that the entire demolition process will take up to six weeks, however today’s accident may delay the process. No work will be scheduled for November 28 and November 29, in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Trucks approaching the project site will travel west on Claremont Boulevard and access the site from College Avenue, between Sixth and Seventh Streets. Trucks leaving the project site will travel north on College Avenue to Foothill Boulevard, and then eastbound on Foothill Boulevard. It is anticipated that a maximum of twenty truck-trips per day will go to and from the project site during the extent of the demolition. 


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