It seems Claremont kids are thankful for quite a lot

Being Thankful

By Isabel Warth, a sixth grader at Sumner Elementary School

Around the time of Thanksgiving, I think about all of the things I am thankful for. I consider myself lucky to have all these wonderful things in life including parents who love me, a house in which to live in, and a school in which to learn everything I need to know about the world.

School is important to me because it teaches me about math, science, reading, history and many things that will be helpful in the future. School will help me get a job when I am older and have a successful life. I enjoy school and am grateful for my education.

I love my parents. My parents are probably the greatest thing in my life. They love me and care for me, and I would not have even existed if it weren’t for them. My dad is the smartest person I know. He teaches me a lot of things about life, math and even politics. My mom is the parent who teaches me about love and compassion. My mom and dad gave me and taught me about life and I love them more than anything.

The two most important things about understanding thankfulness are realizing that not everyone is fortunate enough to have the things you have, and knowing happiness does not last forever. You must appreciate the things you have while you have them.


What I am thankful for

By Trace Hauptmann, a sixth grader at Sumner Elementary School

The month of November reminds me that I should show gratitude to many things that I am not always grateful for. I have so many things to be thankful for, but the things that are most important to me and deserve the most gratitude are our country, the people in my life and God.

I am thankful for our country, the United States of America, because it has so many benefits that other countries don’t have. One of those benefits is the great education we receive in America because, without education, we wouldn’t be very smart and we wouldn’t make a difference in the world. Another benefit we have are the companies from our country like Apple and Barnes and Noble because even though not only Americans receive their products, they are still American companies and companies like that help our country grow. Also, the people that live in the US are another thing that makes our country unique.

Not only are the people in the US important, but everyone in my life that I care about is important to me. I am thankful for my grandmother who lives in Brazil not only because she is family but also because she cares for me and loves me even though we don’t speak the same language. I also show gratitude towards my parents who always care for me and who are always there for me. I am also grateful for my sisters because, even if they don’t show it, they care for me too and always help me through problems.

God is the most important thing in my life because, without him, nothing would exist. God created everything from an ant to an entire galaxy, but his favorite creation is us. Even though not everyone believes in him and not everyone obeys him, he still loves us more than anything.

The month of November will always remind me of the many things in my life that I should show gratitude for, and it will always remind me to be thankful for them. I will always be grateful for everything I have.



By Dirk Morken, a sixth grader at Sumner Elementary School

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it’s time that I remember what I am thankful for. There are many things that I am appreciative for, but some of the most important things to me are entertainment, life and family.

Entertainment is one thing I’m appreciative for, because life would be boring without it. Two things in entertainment that I love are going to hockey games and playing soccer. Entertainment is great; you have games, books and TV. A good thing on TV is the news channel because you learn things and get entertained.

Entertainment’s nice, but life is more important. The things I’m thankful for that help you live are shelter, water, food, medicine, oxygen and electricity. If we didn’t have these things, we wouldn’t be able to survive.

What I’m most thankful for is my family. I love my family; in fact, my earliest memory was at Big Bear with my family. My dad is the main dinner chef at our house, and my mom sometimes makes bacon and pancakes on the weekend. My sister and I used to fight, but now we don’t. Then there’s our dog Scruffy. He’s just a big fur ball who sheds on our carpet.

Without family, you would be a sad, lonely person. I have the best family I could ever imagine and I’m very grateful that I have them. Together or apart, I’m always thinking about them and they’re always thinking about me.


By Brooke Bachman, a sixth grader at Sumner Elementary School

In the month of November, I like to acknowledge some of the things I appreciate. I am thankful for many things in my life. Those things I appreciate most include modern resources, friends and family.

I acknowledge my appreciation for modern resources. Without the technology, medicine and security we have today, life would be much harder for a variety of reasons.

Modern technology is important because most people, if not everyone, use computers, phones and other technological resources for personal and work-related communication. Modern medicine is necessary to both humans and animals. Without modern medicine, it would be much harder to survive. Modern security is useful for many reasons, including keeping homes, museums and airports safe. It is also used to protect stores and banks from being robbed. Unbelievable advances in security allow for technology device tracking, remote locking and even satellite observation, which improve our safety.

I always feel safe around my friends, and I know they are trustworthy. They can be trusted through joyful experiences and unpleasant circumstances. My best friend, Hannah, has been a major blessing in my life. She has never abandoned me when I’ve needed her most. She encourages me until I get through my problems. I don’t think I would be the same without her in my life.

Another one of my friends is Katie. While I have not known Katie for a long time, she has impacted me greatly. She is nice to everyone and never gives up on anyone who needs her. All of my friends share a special place in my heart.

However, that which I’m most thankful for, that which is important to me, surpassing modern resources, friends and everything else, is my family. They have had the biggest impact on my life and have helped me through times of trouble and strife.

My mom and dad, whom I love so much, have always loved me and always will. My sister, Brianne, has also been there to encourage and love me for my entire life. Though she and I fight sometimes, I still love her so much. My parents remind me often that Brianne would protect me from harm’s way and from any person who intended to do anything bad to me.

Even my two puppies, Austin and Dakota, have had an impact on my life. They play with me when I am energetic and happy, and sit with me when I am tired or sad. My family is extremely important to me, and I can’t imagine living without their love.

I am appreciative of everything I have and am especially grateful for my friends and my family. I wish I could name everything I am thankful for, but I know there are too many blessings to mention. I am so thankful to have the life that I do.


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