Thrift store, Lowe’s, team up for good cause

In June, Ontario-based thrift store Anthesis, 4669 Holt Blvd., Montclair, became one of several hundred nonprofits around the country to receive a $70,000 grant as part of Lowe’s 100 Hometowns. The ongoing initiative by Lowe’s funds the completion of “signature improvement projects in 100 hometowns across the country.”


Over the last few months, Anthesis CEO Shawn Prokopec said the organization has been using the money to renovate its property in an attempt to have the thrift store double as a training site for adults with disabilities by the end of 2023.


“So those that don’t have employment experience can learn how to sort clothing, tag merchandise,” she said, adding they can also “practice their social skills and communication skills in a safe setting with a job coach.”


In the end, the adults Anthesis aides can add some experience to their resumes which will hopefully then translate into a future career.


On Tuesday, October 4, Anthesis staff will be joined by 20 Lowe’s personnel to help clean up graffiti around the building, replace, reconfigure, and repaint outdated shelving, install new brackets and restock.


Anthesis is open Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. For information call (909) 399-5601.


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