Inside the 2022-23 Almanac, we ask: “What makes Claremont, Claremont?”

by Mick Rhodes |
Our work here represents a slice of what the City of Trees is known for. Publisher Peter Weinberger explores our urban vistas, storied architecture, and mountain views with stunning photography in “Vertical Claremont.”

Longtime COURIER reporter and award-winning photographer Steven Felschundneff takes us through the history of El Barrio Park, one of 22 in this city of 35,610. He also writes a charming first-person “letter” to a (mostly) dearly departed tree, and contributes a photo essay on Claremont’s Monday night concerts in Memorial Park.

Claremont’s June Vail park at sunset. COURIER photo/Peter Weinberger

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Reporter Andrew Alonzo talks to some of the altruistic folks who make up Claremont’s astoundingly robust charitable sector, with 104 registered nonprofits, and checks in on how recent water use restrictions are impacting Claremont parks.

And finally, COURIER summer intern Melina Tisopulos brings us a thought-provoking profile of an Afghani immigrant family starting life anew in Claremont.

These are the types of stories we write every week in the COURIER. And I have a confession: it’s impossible to cover “What makes Claremont, Claremont?” comprehensively in the 20 or so pages we have for editorial content, and that’s a quality problem.

Our city’s outsized footprints in the arts, culture, education, business, and politics offer us seemingly near never-ending story avenues; one week we might feature a local couple’s 75th wedding anniversary, and the next begin a multi-part, deep-dive investigative report.

We also have the great advantage of being home to seven world-class private colleges, all of which bring an international pool of talent to our small town in the form of professors, lecturers, writers, musicians, artists, thought leaders and political figures. Between a fascinating, highly engaged population and the Claremont Colleges community, we never lack for interesting things to write about. Again, it’s a quality problem.

To be sure, “What makes Claremont, Claremont?” represents a good cross section of our city. But still, it’s a snapshot. I hope you enjoy this glimpse, but if you want more, pick up the COURIER at newsstands around town, or better yet, subscribe. I promise our deep dive coverage of the City of Trees and the surrounding communities will round out your perspective going forward.


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