Wilderness park survey needs volunteers

The City of Claremont along with the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park and Claremont Wildlands Conservancy are conducting a survey of Claremont Hills Wilderness Park users this week ending Sunday, May 14.

The intent of the survey is to gather information about who uses the wilderness park, how they use it, and what times of day are least and most popular. The information will be used to make decisions about park management and for the purpose of obtaining funding.

There will be a second round of surveying from 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. June 7 through 11. Volunteers are needed to distribute and collect survey forms in addition to counting the number of people who pass by their station. Surveying will take place during 2-hour shifts. Anyone interested in registering can call the Alexander Hughes Community Center at (909) 399-5490 or visit the city’s webpage at ci.claremont.ca.us, navigating to the human services department and searching there.

Materials, training, and snacks will be provided.


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