Filmmaker brings Beethoven to Claremont Laemmle

Documentary filmmaker Kerry Candaele’s latest, “Love & Justice: In the Footsteps of Beethoven’s Rebel Opera,” screens at 7 p.m. Wednesday, August 16 at the Laemmle Claremont 5. Tickets, $15, are at The event is hosted by Claremont Film Festival.

In making the film Candaele traveled to Valparaiso, Chile, where he learned about Beethoven’s only opera, “Fidelio,” and assembled an orchestra to stage it. He aimed “to create a deep, musical narrative that weaves together Pena and Beethoven’s search for love and justice,” according to a news release.

Candaele is the award-winning director of “Following the Ninth In the Footsteps of Beethoven’s Final Symphony,” (2013). He also produced the 1987 television documentary, “A League of Their Own,” the precursor to the 1992 feature film starring Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, and Madonna.


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