Readers’ comments: April 26, 2024

Many thanks to Pomona College

Dear editor:

Many thanks to Pomona College President Gabrielle Starr for calling in police to calm the chaos brought about by masked students invading Alexander Hall and refusing to leave in a peaceful manner after many, many requests.  The courage that President Starr exhibited has set the stage for other college presidents to make their institutions safe for all students. I appreciate that it was not an easy decision for President Starr to call in local police, but much needed, as protestors refused to listen to numerous warnings.

Thank you also to Pitzer President Strom Thacker who will veto a resolution, if approved, to shut down study abroad programs with Israel at the University of Haifa. Once again, Claremont presidents are setting a precedent of not being bullied into compliance and submission and becoming accomplices to antisemitic troupes however it is couched in different language.

Each year on Passover, we read: “For it was not one enemy alone who rose up against us to destroy us; in every generation there are those who rise up against us and seek to destroy us.” Sadly and, unfortunately, this is still true, in 2024, in the United States where enemies come in various sizes and shapes including students and faculty at our universities.  Good to remember that presidents with broader knowledge and experience, who are wiser than students, do have veto power, and can and should use it when necessary.

Mr. Rhodes, I hope you enjoy your vacation as you’ve been “beat up and battered round.  Jewish people around the world also need a vacation from being beat up and battered ‘round, from false accusations, from threats and words that delegitimize Israel, and from hateful speech and bombs and missiles.  Israel and all Jews deserve a vacation from hate.

Carol Oberg

Past resident of Claremont



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