Viewpoint: The benefits of choosing a local real estate agent

By Ben Nance | Special to the Courier

Buying or selling a property is one of the most financially significant decisions one will ever make. Among the many considerations, one crucial yet often overlooked factor is the selection of a real estate agent to represent one’s best interests, and more specifically, the advantages of choosing a local, full-time Realtor.

While the digital age has made it easier to access listings, the hidden costs of using an out-of-area agent can be significant. In a unique and competitive market such as Claremont, such a decision could prevent you from finding your dream home, or result in a substantial reduction in the selling price of your property.

Local real estate agents possess unparalleled understanding of the neighborhoods, market trends, and property values, providing buyers and sellers with useful insights beyond those offered by online listings. From school districts to upcoming developments, a local agent’s knowledge can be invaluable.

For buyers seeking a particular architectural style, a local agent will be familiar with the history of the area’s builders and architects. For sellers of historic or architecturally significant properties, a local agent can bring more insight to the valuation process. Another key advantage is an extensive network of connections in the community. Local agents often collaborate with other professionals in the industry, including city officials, mortgage and insurance brokers, and heritage and architectural groups. This network can streamline the process for all parties involved. A local agent may also be aware of local housing programs such as the Mills Act, which can offer tax benefits to owners of historic or architecturally significant properties.

Local agents are typically the first to know about new and upcoming listings, which can be critical in a competitive market, and increase your chances of finding the perfect home or a buyer for your property before it hits the broader market. A local agent will also know which properties have sold off market, increasing the number of comparable properties for use in determining market value.

Local agents prioritize personal service and aim to understand the unique needs and preferences of each of their clients, a level of attention that is sometimes difficult to achieve with larger, national real estate firms.

Real estate transactions often involve navigating a complex web of regulations and zoning laws. Local agents are well versed in the specific rules governing their areas, ensuring all aspects of a transaction comply with local requirements and preventing potential legal issues or delays.

Local agents are likely to be invested in the well-being and growth of the local community. They engage in community activities and stay informed about local developments that may impact property values. This ensures they can advocate effectively for their clients, safeguard their interests, and contribute to the overall prosperity of the area.

The importance of choosing a local agent, along with a real estate brokerage with longtime experience in the community, cannot be overstated. Their in-depth knowledge, extensive connections, and commitment to the local community sets them apart, providing clients with a level of service beyond that of online platforms or non-local agents.

Whether you’re buying or selling, the decision to work with a local real estate agent is an investment in a smoother, more informed, and ultimately more successful real estate experience.

Ben Nance is a licensed real estate agent with Wheeler Steffen Sotheby’s International Realty in Claremont.


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