Obituary: Dorothy Isobel Lacy

Longtime Claremont resident, former Country Classics owner

Longtime Claremont resident Dorothy Isobel Lacy died peacefully in her sleep at home on Friday evening, December 27, 2019. She was 91.

She was born Dorothy Eblett in Tynemouth, England on March 12, 1928. She met her husband to be, Garry Lacy, while they both worked in the de Havilland Aircraft Company design office in England.

They were married in 1950 and had one daughter, Anne, before leaving for Canada in 1956 to accept a job offer for her husband with the Canadian division of General Dynamics, in Montreal.

Their son Richard was born in Canada. He was one year old when Mr. Lacy transferred to General Dynamics in Pomona in 1962. Soon thereafter the Lacy family purchased a house in Claremont.

Mrs. Lacy was a loving wife and mother with good devoted family values, her family shared. She often took her children and their friends on daily visits to the beach during summer vacation time. Much time was also spent with her grandchildren.

When the children were sufficiently grown, she desired more than housework and took a job running the ladies closet at the John P. Evans clothing store in Pomona. Finding she had a natural aptitude for the business, she and a partner opened a dress shop, Country Classics, in the Claremont Village. She found great pleasure in running the shop and selecting merchandise, and made many friends there.

The Lacys maintained a house in Yorkshire, England, where they spent several months each year, at first with Mr. Lacy working offsite for General Dynamics, and then continuing after his retirement. Their favorite activity was walking in the English countryside. They particularly enjoyed visits to the Lake District for hill walks, often up to 10 miles or more, and staying in a favorite bed and breakfast there.

She also enjoyed sailing, motor trips up the west coast of the US as far north as Victoria on Vancouver Island, and also the east coast to see the season’s colors turning during autumn months.

Mrs. Lacy is survived by her husband, Garry; son, Richard; and grandchildren, Elizabeth, Seth and Emilie.

She was preceded in death by her daughter, Anne.


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