Guenter Pilz

Father, proud citizen

Guenter Heinrich Pilz, a longtime resident of Claremont, died peacefully at home on August 15, 2012, surrounded by his wife and 2 children. He was 82.

Mr. Pilz was born on March 1, 1930 in Chemnitz, Germany to Klara and Oswin Pilz. While in his 20s, he met his future wife in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia and shortly thereafter immigrated to the United States. The couple was married in Ontario on July 6, 1958. In 1968, the Pilzes moved to Claremont with their 2 children, Sabrina and Alexander.

Of his parenting style, Mr. Pilz’s son, Alexander Pilz, said, “He was very stern and strict, not relaxed by any stretch. But he had a big heart—he loved us all very much.”

In 2005, Mr. Pilz became a US citizen, an accomplishment that was one of the highlights of his life. “He loved his life in the United States,” his son noted. “He was very proud of finally becoming a citizen.”

Mr. Pilz is survived by his wife of 54 years; his daughter, Sabrina, son-in-law  and grandson; his son, Alexander Pilz of Mission Viejo; and by his sister, cousin and 4 nephews, who reside in Germany.


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