Viewpoint: A resolution in support of Larkin Place

WHEREAS decades of neglect and inattention to constructing affordable housing have bred a housing crisis of enormous proportions, contributing to a spike in homelessness, a generation of perpetual renters, and a large, vulnerable population of renters at-risk of becoming homeless themselves as rising housing costs outpace wage increases;

WHEREAS, as a result of this neglect and inattention, the State of California has created a Regional Housing Needs Allocation that assigns to each California city a specific number of affordable housing units that it must zone for — and, eventually, develop;

WHEREAS Claremont’s RHNA assignment for the 2021-29 period includes zoning for and developing 278 very-low income units (defined as 31-50% of the county median family income), and 278 extremely-low income units (defined as 30% or less of the county median family income);

WHEREAS Claremont has neither zoned for nor developed any units in either of these two categories since 2014;

WHEREAS Larkin Place aims to interrupt this culpable inertia by bringing 33 extremely-low income permanent supportive housing units for renters to market;

WHEREAS permanent supportive housing is not to be confused with a homeless shelter or drug rehabilitation center;

WHEREAS permanent supportive housing is housing staffed 24/7 by a trained person to provide needed support to the tenants, including referral to appropriate social and mental health services when needed and to monitor for any dangerous behavior, and such support will be provided to Larkin Place’s tenants at a 1:20 ratio;

WHEREAS all of the tenants to be housed at Larkin Place will be vetted to screen out those with a history of violent behavior;

WHEREAS permanent supportive housing has a demonstrable success rate in keeping formerly homeless disabled persons stably housed, at over 85 percent;

WHEREAS Larkin Place has been zoned institutional/residential for over 10 years, and will require no zoning changes for this type of development;

And finally, WHEREAS it is a moral, humanitarian duty to shelter those who need it, and to help lift up those who have fallen so that they may stand on their own, and to provide them with the dignity they deserve as they do;

Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Democratic Club of Claremont stands in support of the permanent supportive housing development at Larkin Place, and urges the Claremont City Council to eliminate impediments to its construction, and to join forces with the citizens of our great city in welcoming these new neighbors into our community, fulfilling a moral and civic duty, and demonstrating to citizens and residents in the region its leadership, long-term vision, and humanitarian concern.

And therefore, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Democratic Club of Claremont shall communicate this statement to U.S. Congresswoman Judy Chu, L.A. County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, the individual members of the Claremont City Council, State Assemblymember Chris Holden, and State Senator Anthony Portantino; as well as the Claremont COURIER and the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

Democratic Club of Claremont

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  1. Joseph Lyons

    Thank you. I commend the Democratic Club of Claremont for reflecting the Party’s Platform in such a novel and potentially effective manner. And I would suggest that this means and strategy be used to assist our Council address the outstanding socioeconomic and political issues that need addressing in order for our deeds to match our vision of becoming a diverse, inclusive, and socioeconomic and politically just Community.

    I would also suggest that this method, along with mobilizing our Community’s brain trust to propose the ways and means to actually achieve the priorities that are also part of that vision, become an acceptable and encouraged approach to embodying our heritage of public engagement in the governance of our City, in a way that is both purposeful, productive, and economically sound policy.

    Joe Lyons

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