2013 was a numbers game for Claremont and the COURIER

As a newspaper, website publisher and business owner, I’ve been known to count numbers from time to time. So it’s a natural transition for my last column of the year to talk about important numbers of 2013. Needless to say, it was another unique year that seemed to pass far too quickly.

21: Number of people it takes to bring you the COURIER every week. That includes our full-time staff, columnists, part-timers and mailing crew.

3: Number of Claremont COURIER publishers since 1910 when Stan Larson purchased the newspaper. Martin and Peter Weinberger are the other two.

9: Number of Los Angeles Times publishers since 1980.

44: Average number of pages in the COURIER print edition (including all special sections) since we changed to a weekly March 1, 2013.

308: Number of photo galleries currently on the COURIER website. That’s over 3000 images of Claremont coverage in less than 3 years.

3: Amount in dollars for a temporary four-hour parking permit for the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park. It seems once the city built and then charged for parking, the volume of visitors became more manageable for the popular destination.

350,000: Amount in dollars the Claremont City Council unanimously approved to spend in legal fees to prep financial and legal documents for the potential purchase of Claremont’s water system from the Golden State Water Company.

145,000,000 plus: Difference in dollars between what Golden State Water and the city think the company is worth.

237: The number of rushing yards racked up by senior running back Cecil Flemming in the Pack’s 35-28 loss to Bonita on Sept. 20. Flemming finished the game with four touchdowns, one being a 50-yard touchdown reception.

54: Number in years the Claremont Golf Course was open for business at its address on Indian Hill Boulevard. The golf course closed December 1 after the Claremont Colleges deemed it too expensive to maintain. There are still no announced plans for the 22-acre property.

694: Estimated number of new homes being built in Claremont on six housing developments, not including the La Puerta property. The Claremont Unified School District sold land for three of those projects.

0.4: The percent of Claremont’s population growth each year since 1990. That will change dramatically in 2014 with the planning and building of eight new housing developments.

105: The number of years the Claremont COURIER has been in business. Making it the oldest in the city. We thank all our readers and advertisers for their strong support to make the COURIER successful.

Have a good holiday and we’ll see you in 2014.





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