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Wilderness park master plan committee selection

Dear Editor:

A statement by Ludd Trozpek in his letter to the COURIER published April 11 needs correcting.

In reference to Dean McHenry’s criticism of the composition of the Wilderness Park Master Plan Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), Mr. Trozpek asserts that the Claremont Wildlands Conservancy (CWC) “…was doubtless instrumental in the discussions leading to the establishment of this process and committee.”

It is true that the conservancy has actively advocated for the development of a master plan for the wilderness park and is cooperating with the city, the consultants and the citizens of Claremont to help make it a success. However, the CWC had no hand in the establishment of the TAC or in the determination of its membership.

If it had, the committee would have included a more balanced representation of community members, park visitors, nature educators, environmentalists, business owners and immediate neighbors rather than being so disproportionately weighted toward the latter.

Meg Mathies



Many thanks

Dear Editor:

We greatly appreciated the fine description and pictures that you published of our “Fabulous, Frivolous Follies” held at Mt. San Antonio Gardens last week. 

A large number of the senior citizens who make up our retirement community took part in the show, and many of the participants were in their 80s or 90s.

No matter what their age, they all enjoyed displaying their light-hearted humor, and having a tongue-in-cheek laugh at themselves while they entertained their friends and relatives. 

It’s that kind of humor and sharing in worthwhile activities that keep us oldsters happy and healthy and enjoying our lives.

Stuart Oskamp



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