Readers comments 1-30-15

Making a case for Blotter

Dear Editor:

I am Toby Jackson, an eighth grader at El Roble. I am writing to tell you that I really like the Police Blotter. I like to read it because it keeps me informed about all of the crime in Claremont. Also because it’s interesting to hear about what happens in Claremont.

I really hope you would keep it in the newspaper.

Toby Jackson



American Sniper: a reflection

Dear Editor:

There was a hush in the theater, a few empty seats dotted the otherwise-filled room. The film would not be shown for 30 minutes, and yet people sat quietly  in anticipation.

As I gazed at the audience, I noticed one cap, then two, then three, then four,  then more and more. These men, strangers in the theater, independently wore their military caps—Navy, Army, Marines, Coast Guard,  Air Force. Valor and bravery, triggering powerful memories. My eyes focused on my husband as he sat looking straight ahead, lost in thoughts of years ago. And, yes, his Navy cap rested proudly on his head.

In that theater, there were no Republicans, there were no Democrats, there were only Americans. Americans whose thirst for fearlessness and nobility beckoned as their anticipation grew. Americans who know deep in their hearts that politically correct is not always “Americanly” correct.

At the conclusion of the film, people did not clap, they did not talk, they simply stood and silently exited. But the lights told the story—the lips that were tightly drawn and the reflection of tears that played on their faces even as they tried to hide their emotion.

It was a moving film, watched by an audience that also knew other Chris Kyles, other brothers in arms. And as the doors closed, it ended a brief encounter of the kindred American spirit. It was a window that reminded us of who we are, and what we must strive to be: Americans, defined by a united identity, under  a single American Constitution. A country blessed by God, entrusted to its people to protect. 

May we always be worthy of the lives sacrificed by our military warriors; and may we pray for all in our military who serve today. American Sniper is a movie that personified the undefeatable American spirit.            

Carolyn Gonzales



Hate Claremont?

Dear Editor:

“I hate,” “I hate,” “I hate,”  “I hate,” “I hate,” “I hate,” (intermittently). A rather strong and ugly word, so oft-repeated.

If, Ms. Spooner, the very essence of Claremont is so hateful, and you bothered to buy a home here, sell it and move. You will get good value in large part because of the objects of your hatred. And then, perhaps, you could stop being such a grouch.

Nick Quackenbos



Try the neighbors

Dear Editor:

I have the solution for Ms. Spooner, the Claremonter who “hates the presence of the Colleges and their terrible impact on our community.”

I recommend she move to a wonderful nearby community, only a few miles away and with nice homes, the prices of which are comparable to Claremont. It has only one small college and virtually no construction going on. The students there do not jaywalk, are considerate of the local citizens and, while walking in town, the “needs of the drivers” are upper most in their minds.

This community is called Azusa, you know, “A to Z & the USA.”  It also has freeway access and is closer to both Pasadena and LA.

I hope this info helps.

Owen Keavney




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