Readers comments 4-24-15

Eclectic Garden Tour

[Editor’s note:?The following letter was sent to the Sustainable Claremont Garden Club with a copy forwarded for publication. —KD]

Dear Editor:

We just got home from the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden tour, and I want to send this email before life gets in the way.

Over the last 27 years, my husband and I have gone on two, and sometimes three, garden tours each year; so when I say that we think this is the best one we’ve seen, you can rest assured that we have a good basis of comparison.

Here are the things we loved, in no particular order:

1. The gardens were close enough to each other that we were able to do justice to six gardens in only three hours. That was my biggest concern before the tour.

2. Tickets were easy to buy.

3. At many of the gardens, a docent gave guided tours and seemed to be familiar with the garden.

4. All the homeowners were at their gardens and were happy to answer questions.

5. Unlike other tours, this tour was made up of what I call gardeners’ gardens. It was, “This is what we did (and continue to do)” instead of, “Look what we bought.” These seem to be gardens that have been built by the owners for their own enjoyment rather than to impress others. They are real gardens.

6. The plant labels with names, pictures and QR codes were very helpful! I don’t believe we’ve ever seen anything like it.

7. Most of the gardens use only minimal water. Claremont is a leader in reducing water use without sacrificing beauty, so these gardens were the kind I was hoping to see, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Thank you for doing tons of work. You did a great job! We’re looking forward to next year’s tour.

Loleta Cruse



Jacaranda time in Claremont

Dear Editor:

In May the trees burst out in blue     


Clusters of bright violet-blue flowers

bend the branches full,

painting Indian Hills with a chorus of


Each one sings “look at me, adore me,

aren’t I beautiful?”

“Don’t I command your attention,

aren’t I the celebrity tree?”

So spectacular is the Blue Jacaranda

in full bloom,

Color as soft as a cloud, stunning, we

have to agree,

Lucky the citizens who enjoy this

annual costume.

But lush glamour never lasts and by

the end of June

all the pretty flowers have fallen, each

a Jacaranda tear

shed silently into a pool of faded

petals and soon

Claremont’s Jacaranda time is gone,

until next year.

Ian Phillips




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