Readers comments 12-4-15

Claremont Lincoln at La Puerta

Dear Editor:

The search for a brick-and-mortar location by this business enterprise, which includes “university” in its business name, has focused on land in an established neighborhood of the city.

This is a pleasant place of homes and park and walking/biking trails that happens to also include excess land that the school district wants to sell. The proprietors of this outfit have lots of money and propose to upend the whole neigborhood to satisfy their vision of an ideal place for their business to set-up shop.

That vision includes our park being moved to provide the business a better view of the mountains. Their plan ignores the obvious. Dirt, mess, construction noise, traffic of heavy machinery and vehicles for months on end and a ruined neighborhood.

My fellow resident Tony Nelipovich says it all in detail better than I do, but the point is that a lunatic proposal is at the door. The city should be ashamed to even consider such a mess, and the school district needs to rethink its sales efforts. 

The residents can see this “elephant in the room” for what it is: a nut-case with money on the loose. Put a stop to it.

Ted Nall



To the Messiah singalong

Dear Conductor:

Every year, no matter who you are, you add another choral number to the usual Messiah program. All you conductors announce that you want to push the usual Messiah just a bit, then inform us which number we are to sing.

I, too, would like to enlarge my Messiah repertoire, but I could do it so much better if I knew beforehand which number you had in mind so I could learn my part. Couldn’t you announce your selection in the COURIER or something? Yours for 24 years.

Karen Greenbaum-Maya



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