Readers comments 2-19-16

The kindness of strangers

Dear Editor:

I experienced an act of kindness and love by a stranger on Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day morning, I decided to go for a run. Just before I set out, I told a family member, “I better take my driver license because if something bad happens to me, I do not want to be transported to the LA County Morgue as an unidentified body.” Because of my job I have been there a few times and it seems an unpleasant place to wind up, even if one is dead.

So license in pocket, I set out down Miramar onto the trail north of La Puerta Park, then to Thompson Creek to Mountain and then south on Mountain to El Roble Middle School. I feel accomplished running downhill. I returned home and realized my license was missing. I walked back, retracing my entire route, obsessively looking in gutters and bushes while simultaneously trying not to look like a burglar. Nothing. 

I returned home defeated and tired. I worried about identity theft and other possible bad things. My hope was that an honest person would find my license and return it. I thought, “What would I do?” I recalled various writings about doing good deeds and expressing kindness to others and wondered how much effort a person would undertake to return a license?

As the day passed, I checked my mailbox a few times. Empty. I resolved myself to go eat. I was distracted and grumpy at our Valentine’s dinner. I returned home and checked my mailbox. Empty. I decided to check one other spot and my driver license was there! Joy! Happiness! Laughter! Wow! An act of kindness and love from a stranger on Valentine’s Day.

There was no note identifying who found it or where it was found. I have never thought to write a letter to the editor. I am a terrible writer. But I can write to say “Thank you” and to share with all of you what a kind stranger did for me.

To that person, I want to say thank you for your kind deed and your affirmation of the good in people. The COURIER staff has agreed to help me express my thanks. I left you a gift card dinner for two. Please go to the COURIER office, identify where you left my license and a staff member will give you the gift card.  You saved me from ending up a John Doe at the LA County Morgue and, a possible worse fate, hours and hours at the local DMV! People are good. You are good. Thank you again.

Michael Dauber



Museum plans

Dear Editor:

David Shearer’s association with Claremont Heritage and his “Viewpoint” on the proposed College Avenue site for a Pomona College museum clarified the discomfort I have felt for this plan. 

Although Pomona College is the founding member of the Association of the Claremont Colleges, it remains as one of the five undergraduate and two graduate institutions for which Claremont takes pride in being known for.

If this museum were to be a museum of the Associated Colleges, the west side of College Avenue would seem appropriate. If it is to be one of Pomona’s many treasures, another location would be fitting.

Aimee Elsbree



Welcome, new book store   

Dear Editor:

Welcome to Claremont’s new book store, Mirrored Society, with its emphasis on art and photography.  A town with our love of the arts will find much to choose from in this lovely open and airy new home for books. 

Also, the Claremont Forum’s Prison Library program does fine work with the help of funds from its extensive book store. 

Remember the book store in the back foyer of the Claremont Library, run by the Friends to support the library with additional books, media and programming. This spring, the Friends are underwriting an exciting new Teen Center with funds from memberships, donations and the sale of books. 

Especially fine books are available for purchase in our regularly changing display case in the lobby. And mark your calendars for the next Antiquarian/Fine Books Sale on Saturday, April 30 from 10 a.m. to  4 p.m.

Lanore Pearlman

President, Friends of the

Claremont Library



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