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Former student says yes to G

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to support Measure G, because I came across this bond measure on my Facebook feed and clicked through to see the video on the district website. I recognized some of the people in the video  and I totally agreed with what they were saying.

I am a 2010 graduate of Claremont High School. I experienced the deterioration of the facilities at the high school campus.  For instance, I was part of both the choir and the women’s basketball team for all of my four years at CHS. The choir room was completely falling apart then, I can only imagine how it is now. The carpet was patched all over the room and the roof leaked many times, which caused the room to smell horrible. All of the wooden furniture is ancient and, because of the humidity in the room, it smelled. The gym is ancient and has no air conditioning. The bleachers and basketball hoops at times got stuck and conflicted with practices.

Claremont schools need a lot of work! I strongly urge Claremont voters to educate themselves and vote yes on Measure G!

Beatriz Adriana Chavez



Pomona College can do better

Dear Editor:

I know, I know, it’s almost too late to weigh in on the proposed Pomona College Art Museum. The project is nearing the stage of final approval after a very contentious debate over the dislocation of historic buildings and the installment of institutional buildings in a vibrant downtown section of town. However, many of us waived these concerns because we thought that bringing a first-rate art museum to town would outweigh the negatives.

However, I just reviewed the architectural plans for the proposed museum complex at city hall. Pomona College, an exceptional institution in a unique town, has proposed a very unexceptional set of buildings. The firms they hired, Machado Silvetti and Gensler, have drawn up a very generic plan for what should be a dynamic complex.

I can’t help but think that after all that has been said, if the project proceeds without modification, this museum will continue to divide the community, leaving many of us wondering why we gave up so much for a project that failed to deliver on its initial promise. Art museums should have some kind of “wow” factor—something that piques the senses—but this project, if realized as is, will only leave us flat.

I am urging community members to go to city hall, review the plans and then lodge your opinions with the architectural commission and city council. Tell them we should not settle for mediocrity. Architecture is destiny: It stays around for a very long time. Many have commented on the beauty of our built environment, but this proposal right now will do nothing to enhance the community.

Pamela Casey Nagler



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